HPA - High Performance Analytics is an accredited spin-off of the University of Verona and the Artificial Intelligence Competence Center (AICC) of Terranova. Since 2017 HPA designs and develops custom Artificial Intelligence solutions for SMEs and large companies.


Predictive analytics, anomaly detection, combinatorial optimization, image recognition and text analysis (NLP). These are HPA's areas of expertise. Skills acquired during more than 20 years of academic research by Luca Di Persio, Associate Professor of Probability at the University of Verona, co-founder and Chief Scientist of HPA.

- Forecasting of electricity production and consumption

- Trading on electricity markets (CCC auctions)

- Data acquisition via image recognition on water/gas meters

- Reconstruction of daily and multi-day consumption curves

- Consumption plausibility (water, gas, electricity)

- Predictive analysis for the remaining battery life of smart-meters

- Optimization engine for workforce management

- Multi-constraint planning software for transportation companies

- Predictive maintenance and fault detection within the production line

- Quality control through image recognition

- Prediction of waste containers filling

- Optimization of waste collection routes

- Waste classification through image recognition construction

- Automatic classification of environmental sensors alerts

- Churn prediction and next best action

- Ticket classification and first response